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The performing scarab (bug) may have been with me for quite some time.  My mother told me when I was just a baby, someone approached her, on the streets of Chicago where I am from, and asked if she would like to put me in a commercial for diapers.  She declined the stranger but maybe, just maybe, he saw the twinkle in my eyes…

So we fast forward to, THE FACTS OF LIFE!  Literally, I am talking about the one and only television show that had an African-American girl acting while roller skating-my most favorite pastime!  Oh I was excited-“I CAN DO THIS!!!” But I did not know how to pursue this, so the twinkle remained dormant for years.

Being from the Midwest I engaged in performing venues that were available to me school play, sports, dancing, but college introduced to me a totally different form of dance…that from the Motherland!  African Dance, predominantly from the West, sparked that twinkle in my eye again and ignited my soul!  A very fulfilling Art Form and I was happy, but still, I knew there was more for me to pursue.  After much thought, research and signs of affirmation…I loaded up the truck to head to New York City.

Now calling New York City home, my eyes are shining, my soul is illuminated and my scarab and me are creating the full life I know I am destined to have!

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